Course List


In-person Courses

In-person courses occur face-to-face and in person. Lecturer/s and students are both present in an allocated time and place where the session is delivered.

Blended Courses

Blended courses are offered partly through a Virtual Learning Environment, where online delivery or content is available, and partly through attendance at in-person lectures.

Online Courses

Asynchronous Courses

Applications for these courses are open all year round. Asynchronous courses offer a virtual learning experience, that may be followed by students at their own pace and in their own free time.

Hybrid/Synchronous Courses

In Hybrid/Synchronous courses, students are given the opportunity to meet in-person or join the lecture online in real time.

Courses offered by other entities

For further information and to apply for the below courses, visit the respective entity`s website.

Faculty of Theology - University of Malta