The Master of Arts in Catholic School Leadership is a joint inter-disciplinary programme that is intended to train and empower candidates involved in the leadership of schools and other faith entities. It aims at fostering research and good practices in managerial and leadership skills, as well as reflective practice in Catholic leadership. 

The different modules of the programme cover the following topics: educational management and leadership; fundamentals of educational research; critical issues for school leaders; effective leadership in schools; applied educational research methods; professional development models; Catholic understanding of humanity for contemporary culture; leadership in the Church; psychology of leadership; nurturing professional learning communities in Maltese schools; contemporary Catholic institutions; and developing emotional and relational competence. 

The course is recommended for those interested or already involved in the running of Catholic schools and/or faith formation institutions, and those interested in enriching their profession with the philosophical vision of Catholic leadership. 

Course duration: 6 semesters part-time (evening) 

Study mode: taught (2 years) and research (1 year) 

Opening next: October 2023 (offered every 3 years)

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