The Master of Arts in Business Ethics is an inter-disciplinary programme that introduces candidates to the important ethical issues, concepts and theories linked to the context of business activities and related economic environments. Offered by the Faculty of Theology in collaboration with the Faculty of Laws and the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy (FEMA), the course brings together the fields of business studies, philosophical ethics, marketing, public policy, law, and moral theology.

The modules of the programme
 cover the following topics:

  • Financial ethics
  • Human resources and relationships 
  • Sustainability, environment and ethics 
  • Management and marketing ethics
  • Corporate governance and culture of ethics
  • Role of government, politics, economics and business in a globalised world 
  • Ethical theories and the practice of business   

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Recommended for
 business practitioners (directors, company secretaries, compliance officers, ethics officers), bank officials, business academics, philosophers, lawyers, accountants, trade union officials, representatives of government and non-governmental organisations, and conscientious stakeholders everywhere. 

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Opening next: October 2023 (offered every 3 years)

Course duration: 6 semesters part-time (evening)

Study mode: taught (2 years) and research (1 year)

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