The Master of Arts in Bioethics is an inter-disciplinary programme that encourages research in bioethics and enables a systematic and critical understanding of the theoretical foundations and methodology of this area. The course aims to foster a culture respectful of bioethics amongst biomedical and healthcare professionals, and train professionals to face the contemporary bioethical challenges.

The different modules of the programme cover the following topics: ethical issues in genetics; ethics at the edges of human life; the best interests of the child; neuroethics, mental health and psychiatric ethics; bioethics, law and policy; priority setting, justice and resource allocation; suffering, spirituality and palliative care; emerging European values and policies in bioethics; and research ethics.

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Recommended for
 health care professionals, administrators of healthcare facilities, psychologists, social workers, philosophers, lawyers and teachers. It is accepted for promotion purposes in the nursing and allied health professions.

Opening next: October 2023 (offered every 2 years)

Course duration: 6 semesters part-time (evening)

Study mode: taught (2 years) and research (1 year)

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