Introduction to Parish Ministry

“If the parish proves capable of self-renewal and constant adaptivity, it continues to be ‘the Church living in the midst of the homes of her sons and daughters”

Pope Francis.

Throughout this course, participants will explore the parish as a significant symbol of God’s presence in our community. The course will start by delving into the contemporary reality of today’s parish. Participants will then proceed to learn about the different roles within the Church; identifying the decision-making bodies of the Church and different ministries in a parish, highlighting the importance of everyone’s participation. This will include a discussion on effective teamwork and service to others. Attendees will then be introduced to the principles of communal discernment, examining its definition, tools, and practical applications. The course will conclude by presenting a model of communal discernment, elucidating the different roles within it, and outlining the composition of discerning groups.

Specifically tailored for those actively involved in parish ministry, the course seeks to inspire a deeper commitment to the renewal of parishes, aligning them as vibrant evangelizing entities in today’s society, guided by recent teachings on parish life.

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  • Pastoral Workers, especially those involved in decision-making bodies.
  • Individuals interested in the subject

Target Audience Age: 19+

The course will take place on Mondays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

15th April 2024Today’s Parish – What is a Parish?
22nd April 2024The different roles in the Church & Ministries in a Parish
29th April 2024Executive and decision-making bodies in a Parish
6th May 2024What is communal discernment? What are the tools used?
13th May 2024A discerning method

This course has three exit certificate options:

1. Certificates of Attendance

The student will receive a Certificate of Attendance when attending a minimum 80% of all
contact hours for this course.

2. Certificate of Participation
The student will receive a Certificate of Participation when attending a minimum 80% of all
contact hours for this course and passing from short multiple-choice online exam.

3. Certificate of Achievement
The student will receive a Certificate of Achievement when:

  • attending a minimum 80% of all contact hours
  • passing short multiple-choice online exams and written assessment

Language: Applicants are required to have an understanding of Maltese and be fluent in English.
Digital: Applicants are required to be digitally literate especially, in office suites.


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