Basic Customer Skills

For Parish Office Staff

This course aims to equip participants with both practical skills for front office roles and a deeper understanding of how these skills can be applied within the context of the Church’s mission and ethos. It emphasizes the importance of customer care not only as a professional responsibility but also as a form of ministry and outreach.

Thus, participants will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in basic customer care and front office skills, as a means for new evangelisation.

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Parish staff who work in the front office.

Target Audience Age: 18+

The course will take place on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

8th MayCustomer Care as a form of Evangelisation
What is Customer Service?
a. Definition of ‘Customer’
b. Definition of ‘Care’ with also spiritual significance
15th MayCustomer Care service settings – specific to parishes and pastoral work
22nd MayAims and objectives of customer service in an organisation
29th MaySelf-Development in Customer Care service
5th JuneImportance of Customer Care service in the organisation.

This course has two exit certificate options:

1. Certificates of Attendance

The student will receive a Certificate of Attendance when attending a minimum of 80% of all
contact hours for this course.

2. Certificate of Participation
The student will receive a Certificate of Participation when attending a minimum of 80% of all
contact hours and successfully complete a short multiple-choice online exam.

Digital: Applicants are required to be digitally literate especially, in office suites.


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