Rev. Stefan Bonanno

Academic Qualifications

Masters in Sacred Theology, University of Malta
Bachelors of Communication Studies and Philosophy, University of Malta


Rev. Stefan Bonanno received his vocational education in Industrial Electronics at Fellenberg Training Centre in 1982. He furthered his education by completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies & Philosophy. In 1994, he obtained his Master in Sacred Theology and was ordained a priest. He served as Parish Priest of Vittoriosa prior to furthering his studies in TV and Film in Rome, Italy. This included a media experience with RAI. Rev. Stefan Bonanno continued to obtain international experience in media through experiences in Ireland and California. In 2004, he continued his education by following a training course offered by BBC.

Rev. Stefan Bonanno has vast experience in the local media sector in both work and academic sectors. He served various roles with TVM of which include being a writer, producer and director. He also set-up his own production company and was Executive Chairman of Media Centre Limited, which forms part of Beacon Media Group Ltd. Whilst serving these roles, he worked with Ministry of Education to introduce Media Studies in schools. He also served on a MATSEC board responsible for the design and implementation of Media Literacy Education subject.

Rev. Stefan Bonanno is founder and chairman of Media for Development Foundation.