Ms Rita Darmanin Carbonaro

Academic Qualifications

Master of Arts in Youth Ministry, University of Malta
Higher Education Award in Adolescent and Youth Ministry, Pastoral Formation Institute
Diploma in General Management, Maastricht School of Management
Diploma in Physiotehrapy, University of Malta


Ms Rita Darmanin Carbonaro is the Founder President of Frame Football Malta. She started her profession as a physiotherapist and occupied the position of a Principal Physiotherapist within Government entities.
In 2002, she graduated from Maastricht University in General Strategic Management and occupied various managerial positions in the field of disability for the past twenty-five years. Ms Darmanin Carbonaro has been proactive in the field of disability during the time of the legislation of The Equal Opportunities Act 2000. Her career and experience in the field of disability led her to further her studies and widen her experiences in the Social Welfare and Catholic Sector. In 2009, she joined Aġenzija Sapport. She occupies the post of Senior Practitioner. Ms Darmanin Carbonaro is also a lecturer on ‘Alternative teaching methods of Catechesis to children with disabilities’ within the Secretariat for Catechesis in the Diocese of Malta. She holds a Master Degree in Youth Ministry (Melit.) from the University of Malta. Ms Rita Darmanin Carbonaro believes that given the right opportunities and tools, everyone is capable of fulfilling his/her dreams. As The Founder President of Frame Football Malta, she thrives and works hard to increase the awareness of this sport within the Sport sector in the Maltese Islands and hopes that one day Maltese Frame Footballers will have the opportunity to compete with others in the Paralympic Games.