Ms Lourdes Pullicino

Academic Qualifications

Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies, University of Malta


Ms Lourdes Pullicino is a lecturer at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC) and the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences within the University of Malta. Her primary focus is on Media and Public Diplomacy in Global Politics, and she has also covered International Relations, particularly addressing security issues, on the Diploma course at MEDAC.

Ms Pullicino’s academic journey commenced with a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Mediterranean Studies, and she later earned her Master’s degree at MEDAC. Her Master’s dissertation delved into the topic of the Impact of Public Opinion on Foreign Policy, specifically exploring Malta’s accession to the EU. Subsequently, she pursued doctoral studies at the University of Kent for several years.

Ms Lourdes Pullicino is a former journalist and brodcaster. She produced an award-winning current affairs programme. She authored a chapter titled “Media in North Africa: Case Study of Egypt” in the MEDAC publication ‘Change and Opportunities in the Emerging Mediterranean’. She also presented a paper on “Migration and the Mediterranean: The Nexus with Media” in another MEDAC publication titled ‘Perspectives in a Changing Mediterranean’. Additionally, Ms Pullicino contributed a concept paper for the ‘Anna Lindh Forum’ held in Malta in 2016, focusing on “The Potential of Media for Inter-Cultural Understanding in the Euro-Med Region.”

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