Mr Godfrey Cutajar


Mr Godfrey Cutajar graduated from his Nursing studies with Malta’s Health Department in 1984, kickstarting a four decade long career. Continuing his academic journey, Mr Cutajar specialized in Infection Prevention and Control in Hospitals at the University of Manchester, becoming the first individual in Malta specialized in this area. This led him to become a part-time lecturer at the University of Malta, teaching Infection Prevention and Control Nursing. Pursuing further his studies, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at the same university and in 2007, he successfully completed a Pastoral Counselling Course with the International Catholic Program for Evangelization in Baden, Germany. In 2012, he earned a master’s degree in Bioethics from the University of Malta. Throughout his nursing career, Mr Cutajar held various positions of responsibility. He served as the deputy director of a private hospital for five years and managed a church home for the elderly for four years.

In addition to his role as a nurse, Mr Cutajar is a warranted teacher. He has dedicated 12 years to teaching subjects such as Religion, Ethics, and Music. Notably, Music is a subject that particularly resonates with him, and he has pursued it academically.

Mr Cutajar is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Malta, with his research focusing on spirituality in healthcare. He holds a particular interest in enhancing spirituality and spiritual care for older adults in a rehabilitation hospital.

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