This course will introduce you to Jesus and the Apostle Paul as Jewish theologians.

The Church was birthed by Jesus the Jew. His Jewish and Gentile followers were rooted in Judaism and a Jewish understanding of God’s relationship to his people. Within this perspective, this course offers four modules:

  • The Beginnings of Christianity within First Century Judaism
  • Paul of Tarsus with his Jewish upbringing and learning as reflected in his handling of the Jewish Scriptures in his letters
  • Jews and Christians Reading the Passion Narratives
  • the Jewish roots within Christianity as they particularly stand out in archaeology and early Jewish and Christian Art.

Those who wish to better understand Jesus’ life in its Jewish context and correct any misunderstandings about him and his world.


THD5025The Beginnings of Christianity within First Century Judaism2 ECTS
THD5026Paul handles the Jewish Scriptures2 ECTS
THD5027Jews and Christians Reading the Passion Narratives2 ECTS
THD5028Early Jewish and Christian archaeology and art2 ECTS

Session Format

  • Twenty-three lectures on Thursdays between 18:00 and 20:00 (2 hours)
  • Module 1 and 3 will be held online, through ZOOM.

Modules are self-standing and prospective applicants can apply for any one or more module(s) according to their preference.


Module 1 – The Beginnings of Christianity within First Century Judaism

Lecturer: Sisters of Sion & Jonathan Gorsky

October 202128th  (Thursdays)
November 20214th, 11th, 18th, 25th (Thursdays)
December 20212nd, 9th
Christmas Recess from19th December 2021 to 3rd January 2022

Module 2 – Paul handles the Jewish Scriptures

Lecturer: Fr Paul Sciberras

January 202213th, 20th, 27th (Thursdays)
February 20223rd, 17th, 24th (Thursdays)
March 20223rd
Public Holiday10th February 2022
Carnival Recess fromThursday 24th to Tuesday 1st March 2022

Module 3 – Jews and Christians Reading the Passion Narratives

Lecturer/s: Sisters of Sion & Jonathan Gorsky

March 202210th, 24th (Thursday)
April 20227th, 28th (Thursday)
May 20225th, 12th,19th (Thursday)
Easter Recess11th to 24th April 2022
Study PeriodThursday 27th February to 26th March. 

Module 4 – Early Jewish and Christian archaeology and art

May 202226th (Thursday)
June 20222nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th (Thursday)
July 20227th

Assessment: Written assignment or reflection paper for every module

Final Award: The Jewish Roots of Christianity; Jesus & Paul, Jewish Theologians

Duration: 1 year part-time (112 hours)

Certification: A sealed Certificate together with a Certificate supplement after successful* completion of the course

To obtain a Certificate of Achievement a student must; Attend a minimum of 70% of each module and Pass successfully the assignment

Every application will be considered on its individual merits. The Pastoral Formation Institute accepts a wide range of qualifications, and we always try to judge applications on the basis of academic potential. We do consider a very wide range of academic, vocational, and professional qualifications, as well as work and other appropriate experiences and skills.


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