Holy Scriptures

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to fundamental aspects of Scripture, providing insights into the development of the Bible in both its Old Testament and New Testament components. It includes an overview of the socio-political and geographical contexts spanning from the first century B.C. to the first century A.D., which serves to contextualize the formation of the Bible. Additionally, the course will explore the presentation of various sections and types of literature within the Bible, with a particular focus on the diverse theological perspectives that emerge from its different sections.

The course will be delivered in-person and in Maltese.

Curia staff who followed Basic Theology for Curia Staff course in 2023.

Those who wish to follow this course and did not follow Basic Theology for Curia Staff course will need to follow the Faith Foundations for Ministry, which is an online course delivered on the PFI`s VLE.

The course is delivered over six sessions at Curia Refectory. Each session is 1-hour long, from 10:30am – 11:30am.  

DatesSession TitleLecturer
30th January 2024Geographical Background and Formation of the Old TestamentRev. Dr Stefan Attard
27th February 2024Overview of the Canon of the Old TestamentDr Joseph Ciappara
20th March 2024Theology of the Old TestamentDr Joseph Ciappara
30th April 2024Geographical Background and Theology of the New TestamentRev. Dr Marcello Ghirlando
28th May 2024Synoptic Gospels and JohnRev. Dr Martin Micallef OFMCap
25th June 2024Overview of Life and Letters of PaulRev. Prof. Paul Sciberras

This course has three exit certificate options: 

1. Certificate of Attendance

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance, students must attend all contact hours.

2. Certificate of Participation

To obtain a Certificate of Participation, students must attend all contact hours & pass from a short multiple-choice online exam. 

3. Certificate of Achievement

To obtain a Certificate of Achievement, students must:

  • attend all contact hours,
  • pass from short multiple-choice online exam
  • and pass from written assessment

Teaching and Awarding Institution: Pastoral Formation Institute

Applicants must have completed the Basic Theology for Curia Staff course OR Faith Foundations for Ministry Course to be eligible for this course.

To apply for this course, you are kindly requested to upload a copy of your certificate (for any of the above courses), in the application form.


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