This course aims to assist individuals engaged in the Diakonia sector of a parish in connecting their work to their spiritual journey. Participants will also gain fundamental skills in addressing mental health issues and familiarize themselves with the latest guidelines provided for pastoral workers involved in the Diakonia ministry.

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  • Pastoral operators, staff, or volunteers who work in the Diakonia ministry
  • People interested in this ministry

Target Audience Age: 18+

Please Note: Following this course does not entitle the student to become automatically a pastoral worker involved in Diakonia in any given parish. Pastoral workers involved in Diakonia are chosen by the pastor of the parish/community. 

DateSession TitleMode of Delivery
17th OctoberIntroductionRecorded Video
November 2023- January 2024The poor and social justice in relation to our spiritual life  Recorded Videos
30th January 2024In-person seminar 18:00 – 20:00
February – April 2024Understanding basic mental health issuesRecorded Videos
30th April 2024In-person seminar18:00 – 20:00
May – June 2024New Guidelines for Pastoral WorkersRecorded Videos
18th June 2024In-person seminar 18:00 – 20:00
Duration:  9 hours

Certificate of Attendance

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance, students must attend all the course contact hours. 

Teaching and Awarding Institution: Pastoral Formation Institute

Digital: Applicants are required to be digitally literate, including knowing how to access the internet.


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