The Human Experience of God in Prayer


During this course, participants are invited to experience the beauty of their relationship with God in prayer. The aim of the course is for the participants to deepen their understanding of prayer as essential to our journey of faith.  

The course will be spread over six Saturdays, exploring different approaches to prayer, including scripture, icons, and experiential texts.  

Application Closes on 15th December 2022

Adults who wish to explore and delve deeper into their relationship with God in prayer.

Prayer as the Motor of Spiritual LifeRev Dr Jimmy Bonnici
Prayer in the Old TestamentRev Dr Stefan Attard
Prayer in the New Testament Sr Marie Scicluna rscj
Liturgical and Ecclesial Aspects of PrayerMr Emanuel Micallef
Praying with IconsProf Adrian Gellel
Vocal PrayerRev Dr Mark Sultana

This course is held on Saturdays from 9:00 am -12:00 pm

Mode of Delivery: In person
05/02/2022Introduction to the course: Prayer as the Motor of the Spiritual Life
12/02/2022Prayer in the Old Testament
19/02/2022Prayer in the New Testament
26/03/2022Liturgical and Ecclesial Aspects of Prayer
02/04/2022Praying with Icons
09/04/2022Vocal Prayer

Assessment: no assessment

Final Award: Certificate of Attendance

Duration: 3 months (18 hours)

Certification: A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded after successful* completion of the course

To obtain a Certificate of Achievement a student must: attend a minimum of 70% of each module

Every application will be considered on its individual merits. The Pastoral Formation Institute accepts a wide range of qualifications, and we always try to judge applications on the basis of academic potential. We do consider a very wide range of academic, vocational, and professional qualifications, as well as work and other appropriate experiences and skills.