Mr Julian Xuereb


Mr Julian Xuereb’s multifaceted sporting background, is a testament to his lifelong passion for sports. His diverse skill set encompasses a wide range of sports, including water polo, volleyball, rugby, and handball. Notably, water polo emerged as Mr Julian Xuereb’s primary sporting pursuit. His commitment bore fruit as he achieved success on the national stage. As Mr Julian Xuereb’s athletic journey evolved, he transitioned into a coaching role, with a primary focus on water polo and handball. His coaching commenced in 1998 when he assumed leadership of a ladies’ handball team, which extended until 1999. Subsequently, in 2001, he embarked on a coaching journey in water polo, a role that spanned 18 years, during which he coached at both the Sirens and San Ġiljan nurseries.

Beyond his coaching endeavors, Mr Julian Xuereb is co-founder of the Kavallieri Rugby Club. Additionally, he played a crucial role in the establishment of the Kavallieri Handball Club. Since 2013, Mr Julian Xuereb serves as a member of the Malta Diocese Sports Commission, contributing his expertise and passion to promote how Christian values could preserve the true nature of sports that benefits communities in all aspects of life.

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