Inspired by the biblical verse “your Word is a lamp to my feetand a light to my path” Psalm 119, the aim of this short course is to equip catechists with the information needed regarding the main biblical books which are key texts of the Christian life and of the catechesis for children, adolescents and adults. 

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • to understand more about the books of the Pentateuch, the Prophets, and the Gospels;
  • to understand what parables are and how they are different from stories and other genres;
  • to understand the miracles as described in the Bible;
  • to respond appropriately when students ask questions related to the Bible;
  • to apply what they have learnt to a young audience.

If you would like to attend any number of seminars instead of the whole course, email [email protected]

  • Catechists who do not have an academic background in theology;
  • Persons who have a certificate in either Faith Foundations for Ministry or a General Education Award in Evangelisation
  • Parents who wish to learn how to share Biblical passages with their children. 
  • Other persons interested in the subject, may also apply.

Target Audience Age: 18+

The aim of this session is to present the Bible not as a code of conduct or morality book but rather as a text where we encounter people who had a faith journey in God. In addition, it will also present the Bible as a tool, through which, we, the people of God living today, can also grow in our own faith in Jesus and God.

The aim of this session is to delve deeper into the first 5 books of the Bible. Attention will be given to the cultural backgrounds and literary genres presented in these books. Students will have the opportunity to appreciate, interpret, and teach from these books in their ministry.

The aim of this session is to understand the role of the prophet in the Old Testament as well as to explore the various theological themes which emerge in these books. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to teach from these books in their ministry.

Who were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and why is Jesus portrayed so differently in each gospel? The aim of this session is to present the diversity found in the synoptic gospels and the gospel of John and at the same time examine the unity found between them.

The aim of this session is the help the learner understand what a miracle is and what is its significance. In addition, parables are also explored as both a spiritual and a teaching tool. Methods for interpreting and applying miracles and parables as an interesting way of teaching are also explored.

This will be a reflective session which will provide an opportunity for the students to evaluate what they have learnt throughout the course as well as explore how the word of God is speaking to them today.


This course has two exit certificate options: 
  1. Certificate of Attendance

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance, students must attend all the course contact hours. 

2. Certificate of Participation

To obtain a Certificate of Participation, students must attend all the contact hours and pass the short multiple-choice online exam. 

Teaching Institution: Lifelong Catechesis

Final Award: How to Understand & Deliver Better the Bible as a Catechist

Awarding Institute: Pastoral Formation Institute

Duration: 6 Saturdays

Every application will be considered on its individual merits. The Pastoral Formation Institute accepts a wide range of qualifications, and we always try to judge applications on the basis of academic potential. We do consider a very wide range of academic, vocational, and professional qualifications, as well as work and other appropriate experiences and skills.


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