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Licence Number: 2013-FHI-028

The course aims to provide participants with holistic formation and training in preparation for partaking in youth formation programmes. Participants will be presented with an overview of theoretical frameworks underlying contemporary adolescent and youth ministry. Theological, sociological, psychological, and spiritual perspectives will provide the basis for reflection and elaboration of practical skills necessary for leading youth formation programmes. Spiritual Companionship will be the cornerstone for the course, aiming at helping prospective youth ministers discover their mission and facilitate in young people an authentic developmental journey.

Those who are currently involved or who desire to become involved in youth formation programmes within a Church-related ambiance.


First Year


THD5020Introduction to Dogmatic Theological Perspectives on Youth Ministry2 ECTS
THM5023Introduction to Practical Theological Perspectives on Youth Ministry2 ECTS
PSY5014Adolescent and Youth Culture2 ECTS
THM5024Biblical and Spiritual Perspectives on Adolescents and Youth2 ECTS

Second Year


THM5025Professional Ethical Practice and Practicum2 ECTS
PSY5012Deepening of a Youth Ministry Charism2 ECTS
PSY5013Self-Awareness Group/ Sensitivity training2 ECTS

First year: 2021-2022:

Module 1 – THD5015: Introduction to Dogmatic Theological Perspectives on Youth Ministry

Lecturers:  Fr Louis Grech and Mr. Edward Wright 

In-person30th October 202109:00 – 13:30
In-person6th November 202109:00 – 13:00
In-person13th November 202109:00 – 13:00

Module 2 – THD5017: Theological Perspectives on Youth Ministry

Lecturers: Mr. Karl Vella and Fr Carl Mario Sultana 

In-person20th November 202109:00 – 13:00
In-person18th December 202109:00 – 13:00

Module 3 – THD5015: Adolescent and Youth Culture

Lecturers: Fr Louis Grech and Dr. Marlene Cauchi

In-person19th February 202209:00 – 13:00
In-person5th March 202209:00 – 13:00
In-person26th March 202209:00 – 13:00

Module 4 – THD5015:Biblical and Spiritual Perspectives on Adolescents and Youth

Lecturers: Ms. Christine Rossi and Fr Stefan Attard

In-person6th to 8th May 2022Non-residential weekend

Dates for the Second Year, 2022-2023, will be available in 2022

A mix of assessment methods will be employed to allow for different learning styles. They include:


  • Modules 1 – 4: Research Paper 100% (at the end of each module)
  • Module 5: Journaling 50%, Mentor evaluation 25%, End of Placement evaluation 25%
  • Module 6 & 7: Reflective paper 100% (at the end of each module)

Final Award: 

  1. Introduction to Adolescent and Youth Ministry
    • This will be awarded upon completion of Year 1, which includes Modules 1-4 only.
    • MQF Level: Level 5 (8 ECTS)
  1. Award in Adolescent and Youth Ministry
    • This will be awarded upon completion of both Year 1 and Year 2, which includes Modules 1-7.
    • MQF Level: Level 5 (16 ECTS)

Duration: 2 years part-time including:

  • Contact hours – 112 hours
  • Supervised Placement and Practice Hours – 62 hours
  • Self-Study Hours – 156 hours
  • Assessment Hours – 70 hours

Certification: A sealed Certificate together with a Certificate supplement after successful* completion of the course

*To obtain a Certificate of Achievement a student must; Attend a minimum of 70% of each module and Pass successfully the assignment

Award Institution: Pastoral Formation Institute

Teaching Institution: Pastoral Formation Institute, in collaboration with the Salesian Family, and the MCYN (Malta Catholic Youth Network)

Applicants must be in possession of:

  1. a Matriculation Certificate or equivalent
  2. demonstrate level B1 Spoken and Written competence of English (Language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference)
  3. submit one referral letter from Parish Priest or the respective Provincial Superior (in the case of members of Consecrated Religious Life), or Movement/ Association Leader (in the case of members of a Youth Group), or equivalent.


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