Basic Theology for Curia Staff

Course Code: BTC4001

This course will give the participants a basic knowledge of the main topics of Theology. Starting with an introduction to Faith and the Church. A deep understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Catholic Social Teaching, is an area of Catholic doctrine concerning matters of human dignity and the common good in society. The Catholic Liturgy. The history of the Church and the dogmatic theology. With the last topic on the Structure of the Church.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, the student will be able to have a basic knowledge of Theology and understand better the foundations of the Christian belief, Holy Scriptures, Catholic Social Teaching, Liturgy, History of the Church and its structures.

Curia staff

The course is delivered over six sessions. Each session is 1-hour long.  

Thursdays from 10:30 am – 11:30am

Session Title

26 January 2023

What is faith? What is the Church?

 Rev. Prof. Hector Scerri

21 February 2023

Holy Scriptures

Rev. Dr. Martin Micallef OFM

23 March 2023

Catholic Social Teaching

 Rev. Dr. Carlo Calleja

20 April 2023

History of the Church and Dogmatic Theology

 Rev. Prof. Hector Scerri

18 May 2023


Rev Dr. Jesmond Manicaro

15 June 2023

Structures of the Church

Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi


This course has three exit certificate options: 

  1. Certificate of Attendance

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance, students must attend all the course contact hours (all 6 sessions). 

2. Certificate of Participation

To obtain a Certificate of Participation, students must attend all the contact hours and pass the short multiple-choice online exam. 

3. Certificate of Achievement*

To obtain a Certificate of Achievement, students must: 

  • attend all the contact hours;  
  • pass the short multiple-choice online exam; 
  • and successfully complete a written assignment (500 – 1000 words);


Course Level: PFI Level 4

Teaching and Awarding Institutions: Pastoral Formation Institute



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